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Meet Mary Russell–young, witty, and with an intellect to rival that of the famous, yet aging, Sherlock Holmes. From the first time they meet, they are intrically linked together. Under Holmes’s tutelage, Russell embarks on a case involving a landowner’s mysterious fever and the kidnapping of an American senator’s daughter. Unlike Watson, Russell is on equal footing with Holmes and she even makes deductions that he fails to see. One case leads into another and Holmes’ life soon becomes endangered by an enigmatic and clever opponent. Holmes hasn’t met such a match since Moriarty, but this time around the aging detective has Russell by his side.

I loved this book. I am a huge Holmes fan – and so half expected to be disappointed by Laurie King’s representation of him. However I though the charcter was great – very faithful to the original – although maybe a tad mellower – possibly due to retirement and no cocaine I suppose – the relationship he develops with Mary Russel is lovely, and it was wonderful to meet up again with Watson and Mrs Hudson. It feels as if Laurie King has given us Sherlock Holmes back – and I think I will be reading many more of this series. I don’t generally read mystery type books – or rarely at least, but this made a really nice change.

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I love the stories of Sherlock Holmes – this book – one of a box set I bought recently, starts with Holmes return after three years during which time the world thought he was dead following the incident at the Reichenbach Falls which ended with the death of Moriarty.

These stories remain as readable and charming as ever. Great comfort reading. A nice collection to come home to each day – in what has been a long and tiring week.

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