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Last year I challenged myself to read more non fiction, having only managed to read 14 non fiction books out of a total of 141 in 2008. So last year having set myself a goal of 20% I managed 29 non fiction out of 132 books.  I am going to continue to do this, but I am not setting a target this time, I just want to increase the percentage of non fiction I read. 

I am also keeping a handwritten book journal – I haven’t done anything like this since I was about 19. I wanted to make use of a lovely notebook I had given me at Christmas. I wonder if I will keep it up, as these days it just seems so much more natural for me to do things online.

No doubt that I will read even fewer boks this year, as that is what seemed to happen when I read more non fiction – especially when combined with 3 weeks less holiday over the year due to working at holiday playschemes. (Haven’t decided if I am doing that yet this year)

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I don’t know how interesting this will  be for anyone who likes contempory books, as I realise there is only one recent publication among these. That is: The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt by Rulka Langer, which has only just been published but I was lucky enough to recieve as part of the librarything early reviewers programme.

The Bone people – Keri Hulme  (F)
The Country Girls  – Edna O’Brien  (F)
Someone at a distance – Dorothy Whipple  (F)
A closed eye – Anita Brookner   (F)
The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt – Rulka Langer (NF)
The Bookshop at 10 Curzon Street – John Saumerez Smith (NF)
In a summer Season – Elizabeth Taylor (F)
Dr Bradley Remembers – Francis Brett Young (F)
Diana Moseley – Anna De Courcy   (NF)
The red Queen – Margaret Drabble  (F)

oh dear it is hard to pick just 10.

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As I have just said on facebook – I am tired of being tired this week.  I suppose it is getting toward the end of the year (school year) and those of us that work in schools tend to feel pretty done in by now.  I have been so tired that I have been constantly nodding off over my book,  and so have been crawling through a Dorothy L Sayers I am otherwise enjoying – I am also reading a non fiction book about Francis Brett Young – and have only managed two or three  chapters of that. I have been going to bed pretty early (bed and book by 9.30 or 10.00)- and even turned the light out before 11 last night.  I am thankfully going to the Caravan with Mum, Sue and Terry tomorrow after school, so hopefully weekend will be very restful.  I am hoping the weather will be nice enough for me to sit outside the van with my ipod and my book.
 I know the next few weeks at school will be busy – we have two trips coming up,  parent’s evening, sports week, summer fayre, the y2 end of year assembly (kind of a leaving assembly because they go up to y3 in Sept which is in  different building across the car park) and all the books and things to prepare for next year.  I also have to finish my dreaded portfolio – a pointless thing I have do every year and is evidence for performance mangagement.  Still very glad I am out of year 6 – I hated this half term in y6 last year – so well out of that!!

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Last year I read 141 books – however only 13 of them were non fiction.

I have never been much of a one for challenges and so on – I am not very good at forcing my self to read something – in fact I really don’t see the point. I am more interested in what I want to read – than what I should read, or have pledged to read.  However, despite that, and having got so much out of the Murdoch a month challenge – I would like to try and increase my non fiction reading. I am not going to go mad – I do after all much prefer fiction. But I tend to forget I think, how much I have enjoyed some non fiction in the past. So I am going to try for around 20% of my reading this year to be non fiction – it will provide me with some variety, which is always good. Currently I am reading my second NF for the year and I see I have a further 7 NF books TBR . So assuming I read around 140 books again this year ( 140 in 2007, 141 in 2008) 20% would be 28.  So does anyone have any NF recommendations for me to add to my wishlist. I must say the NF books I have enjoyed in the past have been biography, letters, journals, and some travel – so nothing too acedemic.

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..but I am still here : )

I have been very tired this week and last. I think the dark mornings and the cold have got to me a bit. I am not generally a summer/sunworshiping type – but I do find as I get older that the old dark mornings thing really wears me down.
School, I am happy to say has been fine – looking forward to our trip next Friday on the Severn Valley Railway. Every day one of the kids makes me laugh – often several times – and that is great. Do I miss year 6? – do I hell!

I am also really looking forward to the BcBirmingham christmas meal and secret santa on Saturday – I have my pressie wrapped and ready to bring, and I warning you all I may have a drink or two : ) – I feel I have earned it. I am also feeling a tiny bit Christmassy – which I don’t think I did at all this time last year. I have done over 95% of my shopping – and wrapped most of it – and I am planning to do my cards this coming weekend. I may put my tree up next week – so I get to enjoy it before I go away on the 20th – mmm… is it too early for that?

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Thanks for all the get well messages : ) it was appreciated.

I did feel pretty awful Weds and Thurs, and stayed off both those days. We have to ring in by 2pm so it always difficult to know what you’ll be like the next morning. Anyway I decided to go in today – maybe not the wisest decision. First of all I didn’t sleep a wink – I mean really if I got half an hours sleep last night that was the most I got. I think I still had a temperature this morning but threw a couple of ibrupoven down my throat and got on with it. It was a long exhausting day – it’s not the easiest job to do on no sleep : ) and most of the day I felt like I was wading through treacle. In addition I have a mouthful of ulcers – all along one side of my tounge – ouch – a sure sign I suppose of being run down.

I was looking forward to getting home to my book – I am reading The Other Boleyn Girl – and oh wow really loving it – does it count as trash? it feels like a guilty pleasure : ) – don’t care love it – great escapism – but was sooooooo tired when I got home I just read a few pages and fell asleep. Not fit for anything now but a bit of telly, and early bed.

I am going to the Birmingham meet tomorrow – but not sure what state I’ll be in : ) I think I’ll be having a scone though.

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